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01. More About It

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We bring to you the next-generation in card-processing technology in the any-device web-app solutions that will fit your business like a glove. Take your business to the next level with our massive stockpile of modern solutions.

Comory Touch Screen POS

ZipiPayPay CORE
The "Chromium Surf Board"

We have the most cost effective processing systems on the market today.

Start with our USB-OTG swiper (not audio) that connects to your mobile device, desktop, laptop, whatever, to process swiped transactions. At $10 each you save hudreds in terminal fees.

Later you can opt-in for our low cost portable micro-computer. Built on ChromiumOS, starting at $99 each.

32G Sd Card, 4 Port USB, HDMI Video, WiFi, Bluetooth, and ZipiPay pre-installed.

ConnectiPay Credit Card Machine

The Next-Gen Online Processing

Online credit card processing security is being reborn yet again. Turns out, EMV was not all that secure. They chipped your credit card and sold millions of expensive card readers only to find out the whole system had bugs.

The most Modern systems encrypt the card into a token right from the scanner. The data is then sent via a secure link and no card number is in clear form at any time. It is what EMV was supposed to be in practice.

Card Swiper App

Modern App(s)

With a great look and feel, our modern app(s) are all power. Secure swipe technology, modern UI, and powerful business features, there is a lot of bang for your hard earned buck. Including our custom-shop to ultra-tune to your business. Works on web devices including phone, tablet, desktop, and our Core.

USB-OTG Swiper Package

Facial Recognition

Customize your retail, restaurant, semi-mobile, mobile processing with facial recognition. Provide repeat customers discounts based on visits without having a card they have to swipe first. 2D and 3D-Facial recognition system an exclusive from ZipiPay. 2D Camera pictured above.

02. Our benefits

One time used — Forever loved

It is so simple and so fast and so easy you will wonder why "they" did not just do this in the first place.

Look for your
customer easily

The "search N select" feature makes getting to your repeat customers super fast the next transaction. Quickly add a customer too.

Swipe or Type for
Multi-User situations

Unlimited multi-user with independent login. Key-In mode also allows them to process transactions. No software to download. Works on all devices.

All the action
in the cloud

All information is stored in the cloud and accessible by any modern web browser.


The same device, the same app, no downloads, no setup, just Plug N Swipe.

Smart receipt

Delivery of receipts through email or text message. Built-in permanent online accessible backup and viewer.

high level of security
for all data

We work to exceed the most advanced PCI compliance. Every transaction is safe and secure.

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05. Why our app


When you want to process a card fast, reliably and secure, think ZipiPay. We offer the best multi-user multi-device secure solution and save you money.

Multi-User with unlimited users. Add more devices as needed too.
Processing a credit card does not get any easier than this.
Works on all your Android and Windows devices. Apple users can use the hand-key or get the special reader made for Apple.
If at anytime the device fails due to defect or just average wear and tear we will replace it free.
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